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Charles Bastille


Download a copy now, because you never know if the digital version of MagicLand might magically disappear!

Original image licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshopped by the author

If you are holding out for a print version, you can also pre-order that. It’s never too soon to do some holiday shopping. There. I said it. Holiday. Shopping.

MagicLand is a profanity-free zone

This means it is a perfect addition to any school library or student-related book club. It’s also a great gift for your favorite curmudgeon who complains about all the cussing in today’s movies and books.

In fact, why not order the eBook, and if you like it, make a gift to your local church…

Fiction — The MagicLand Chronicles

Original image by breakermaximus for Shutterstock. Photoshopped by Charles Bastille. All rights reserved.

Nothing remains of Pittman. As we watch its remnants smolder, I know deep in my soul that every one of us has the same picture in our mind, that of the grand and stately old hall, a stubborn old man of a building frowning at its more modern surrounding university upstarts.

It was a proud frown, though — an I know better than you frown, with an upturned smirk that seemed to be buried within its gold-colored masonry. Today, despite its once-strong stone structure, little remains. It smolders. It’s ruined, and it smolders. …

WPA 2.0

Hi, Joe. I hope you’re well. Thanks for being a normal person. In any other era, that would be enough for you to win this election. But America is sick right now. Mentally ill. 70 million of its people still voted for a man who cheats, lies, and steals with every breath he takes, his maskless throngs cheering him on.

The poll numbers are not that different than when Hillary ran. And you know what happened there. …

Racism and Equal Rights

Once again, Black America is leading a movement in America, this time led by its clergy.

In North Carolina, it’s Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, leading the charge against an entire police department for shooting yet another young Black man:

This is a trend across America.

It is the very opposite of where white Christianity is headed, at least in the Bible Belt, which is so full of hypocrisy that it could be a long-running comedy show if it didn’t lead to so much anguish and tragedy.

How powerful is the Black clergy movement…

Restive Souls Shortie

When I went to sleep last night, everything was normal.

When I woke up, everything was different. Everything was Black. But not like, hip hop Black, really.

Just, well, Black. Black culture, everywhere. With lots of Native American culture mixed in. And people referred to Native Americans as First Settlers.

Maybe I should backtrack a little here. Because none of that was apparent to me until I had been awake for several hours.

Photo by Pam Sharpe on Unsplash

When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was. A nice little house but it wasn’t really mine. And yet, I had a sense that it…

Political Humor and Satire

Sometimes I need to just try to laugh at the American idiocracy. With that in mind, I’ll just say it once: None of this is true. But in today’s world, all of it is possible.

Texas has created a vigilante system for fundamentalist Christians. Let’s have a look at what other states are doing (including more from Texas)!


Anyone caught aiding or abetting an Alabama citizen in obtaining an education at a level higher than third-grade will be required by law to purchase Roy Moore’s popular (in Alabama) book, Courtship at the Courthouse: A Guide to Romancing Minors in a…

American Politics

The other night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alighted into a gala at the Met and dared its ultra-wealthy patrons to feast their eyes on a long white dress with the words “Tax the Rich” prominently displayed in deep red along her back.

It’s all about the money, one way or another

The gala, oh so cleverly called The Met Gala, is a very exclusive event. An invitation-only affair established by Vogue Magazine, it’s a be-seen scene if there ever was one. If you’re invited, your picture has probably been in Forbes Magazine.

If you’re invited to the gala, you also get the…


Original images licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshop collage by the author

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign against his recall was one of the most brilliant political campaigns you will ever see.

When the recall started by conservatives in California achieved its threshold of petition signatures, initial polling for Newsom looked a little scary.

Just check out the kissing red and blue lines during the first week of August in this graph from FiveThirtyEight:

Newsom was fresh off an embarrassing appearance at the wildly expensive French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, where dinners can start at $450 (his bill was said to be $12,000).

Plus, California was burning even more than usual.

American Politics

Do you ever get that icky feeling that politicians are corrupt, but you can’t quite prove it? You just see them talk and think, “ick, no wonder I dislike politicians?”

Original image of Joe Manchin is a Wiki Commons image by DonkeyHotey. Dollar bills image licensed through Shutterstock.

Well, thanks to The Intercept, you can now back up your feelings of distaste the next time you see Joe Manchin hold up the stop sign on Democrats trying to make some actual progress in uprooting the 40 years of Reaganomics that have gutted this country.

The Intercept has revealed that Manchin’s daughter, the former president and CEO of the company that made EpiPen, oversaw a 600% price increase that…

Pandemic Politics

While Greg Abbott was busy pandering to his fundamentalist Texas Taliban base yesterday, 270 more Texans died. 22,796 were officially declared sick with the coronavirus. That’s in one day, folks. Life may begin at conception, but for Greg Abbott, after birth, it’s every man for himself.

Creative Commons Image by the always amazing

And yes, I do mean every man for himself. Women don’t count in his world.

60,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Texas. That’s nearly one-tenth of all the deaths in this country:

Nearly 3.8 million Texans have gotten sick from it.

At some point, when do Republican governors who are promoting sickness actually…

Charles Bastille

Hyperbole enthusiast and author of the upcoming novel MagicLand. All stories © 2021 by Charles Bastille. Visit

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