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Charles Bastille
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The great conceit of any writer is that we assume other people want to read our stuff. There is heady blindness to truth in that regard, I’m sure, but I’m going to proceed as if.

I recently read an article from someone complaining about pinned stories, and it made a lot of sense to me. So from now on, this will be my only pinned story on Medium. Everything else you see under my name will be my most recent activity.

These stories are organized by subject matter.



The National Divorce


Foreign Affairs


Political Humor, Sarcasm, and Satire

Racism and Social Justice

The Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine Crisis


The Environment and Climate Change

Miscellaneous Fiction


Pop Culture and Movies

Personal Diary

Personal Diary

Business and Finance

Business and Finance


Guns and Ammo

Life Hacking



Radical Christianity


If you’ve reached this far into this list of stories and you haven’t been convinced to buy my debut novel, MagicLand, there’s probably no convincing you. But I’ll try anyway.

Buy it here:

To read Publishers Weekly’s independent review of MagicLand, go here

These are a series of short stories related to my debut novel, MagicLand. The characters in the stories do not appear in the novel. The storyline is also different. The only way that the story is related to the novel is that they take place somewhere within the 2,000 years prior to the events of the novel. Here is a list in order of appearance:

Restive Souls

Restive Souls is a novel coming soon! It is currently in the final editing stages.

It’s about an alternative universe where a great African empire arises on the East Coast of North America after the Brits win the Revolutionary War and emancipate the slaves.

These stories are related to the novel but are not an actual part of it.

Additional Restive Souls stuff

On Writing

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