Charles Bastille is my pen name. I am the author of MagicLand, a novel published by New York-based Morgan James Publishing, available at your favorite booksellers. My publisher didn't think my real name, Chuck White, would fly well in the world of SEO.

I have also published several computer books made mostly obsolete by progress, under Wiley, IDG, and Sybex, under my real name, Chuck White.

I spent about 20 years doing software development. I'm still doing some freelance work in that area, but am trying to devote all my energies to writing.

My second novel, Restive Souls, is now in the editing stage. In this alternative history novel, a great African nation rises on the North American East Coast after the British win the revolutionary war and emancipate the slaves in 1778. You can get an idea of how the novel is going to look by visiting here:

You can find a list of my Medium stories here:

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