Comedy and Political Satire

Trump’s Plan to Defeat Impeachment

Fair Use image created by Charles Bastille — Creative Commons license:

Remember Weekly World News? National Enquirer? And all those other supermarket tabloids? Did you ever wonder who read those things?

Now you know. And they’ve taken over the Republican Party.

Trump has taken advantage of the situation and has a sure-fire way to defeat impeachment and any subsequent attempts to ban him from public office.

He’ll run as somebody else.

His followers will believe anything he says.

That isn’t hyperbole. It’s fact.

You have been warned.


Original image found at Imgur. You can find more fun Weekly World News covers here (you can also hover over the image and click or tap the arrow to advance the gallery without leaving Medium):



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Charles Bastille

Charles Bastille

Hyperbole enthusiast and author of MagicLand, available at your favorite bookseller: All stories © 2022 by Charles Bastille.