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Charles Bastille

An index of my Medium articles you probably missed

Politics and fascism

The notion of a free America is dying, but as long as we can watch Netflix on our phones we won’t care

True Confessions

If companies are people, too, can I be charged with murder?

Politics and Insurrection

American terrorist Steve Bannon has reignited his cyber warriors for Stage Two of his insurrection

Social Networks

For five hours, the world was at peace

Political Corruption

Prosecutors have told Trump, “Hey Donald, we have your ledger!”

Political Humor and Satire

Now that Texas has turned everyone into a bounty hunter, here are some similar laws other states are looking at

American Politics

AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress upset people on both the right and left. And jump-started a conversation about taxation.

It’s all about the money, one way or another


By promoting Larry Elder, California’s governor solidified the GOP’s new reputation as the party of extremists

Original images licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshop collage by the author


And it needs reviews!

Original image licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshopped by the author

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