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Charles Bastille

Politics and fascism

There is a scene in the slightly watchable FX TV series Y: The Last Man, where Yorick (the titular last man) and his protector, Agent 355, are wading through a noisy outdoor market.

Agent 355 asks a vendor why there is a substantial police presence. The vendor explains that the…

True Confessions

Hi. I’m a mass murderer. I’m just gonna get that out there right now.

Funny name, though, right? While you’re running for your life from a climate fire or hurricane, I’m looking in the mirror going, “why did I end up with such a goofy name?”

Anyway, my lawyers (I…

Politics and Insurrection

A lot of people are afraid of Donald Trump. But a doddering 75-year-old man who can’t string two coherent sentences together isn’t the threat to American democracy you think he is.

Besides, he’ll be in jail before he can inflict a lot more damage.

The real threat is the one…

Social Networks

Rumor is, even in areas around the world under siege by violence, combatants stopped fighting for six hours and started singing and dancing, knowing that the sower of universal mayhem, Facebook, was down.

Not just Facebook, but WhatsApp and Instagram, too.

Scammers on Whatsapp had to either scramble for an…

Political Corruption

While the media was tracking Dog the Bounty Hunter’s every movement, and the rest of us were focusing on Texas, not to mention Karens who publish tell-all books on Donald Trump, New York State prosecutors last Friday quietly dropped the hammer on Donald Trump as they issued a pile of…

Political Humor and Satire

Sometimes I need to just try to laugh at the American idiocracy. With that in mind, I’ll just say it once: None of this is true. But in today’s world, all of it is possible.

Texas has created a vigilante system for fundamentalist Christians. …

American Politics

The other night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alighted into a gala at the Met and dared its ultra-wealthy patrons to feast their eyes on a long white dress with the words “Tax the Rich” prominently displayed in deep red along her back.

It’s all about the money, one way or another



Original images licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshop collage by the author

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign against his recall was one of the most brilliant political campaigns you will ever see.

When the recall started by conservatives in California achieved its threshold of petition signatures, initial polling for Newsom looked a little scary.

Just check out the kissing red and blue…


Download a copy now, because you never know if the digital version of MagicLand might magically disappear!

Original image licensed from Shutterstock. Photoshopped by the author

If you are holding out for a print version, you can also pre-order that. It’s never too soon to do some holiday shopping. There. I said it. Holiday. Shopping.

MagicLand is a profanity-free zone

This means it is…

American Politics

Do you ever get that icky feeling that politicians are corrupt, but you can’t quite prove it? You just see them talk and think, “ick, no wonder I dislike politicians?”

Original image of Joe Manchin is a Wiki Commons image by DonkeyHotey. Dollar bills image licensed through Shutterstock.

Well, thanks to The Intercept, you can now back up your feelings of distaste the next time you see Joe…

Charles Bastille

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