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Charles Bastille

MagicLand — The Novel

Sort of a mashup of Romeo and Juliet, The Terminator, and Harry Potter (without the wands and such)

I have to admit I’m excited about the upcoming release of my debut novel MagicLand from New York Publishing House Morgan James Publishing.

Image adapted from the book cover —Original cover designed by Rachel Lopez: Image Copyright © 2022 by Morgan James Publishing, LLC

I’m excited because it was almost like I didn’t write the novel. The characters did. As the novel progressed, they dictated both the story and the outcome.

So when you purchase this novel, you are purchasing the story as told by the main characters. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed hearing them tell the tale.

You can read a review here:

Preorders available from these online booksellers (eBook available September 7, 2021, Print version available December 7, 2021)

More booksellers coming soon!

Here is a list of current Medium-based…

Racism and Equal Rights

The fight by Black Churches against police injustice is the polar opposite of white evangelism in the Bible Belt

Once again, Black America is leading a movement in America, this time led by its clergy.

In North Carolina, it’s Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, leading the charge against an entire police department for shooting yet another young Black man:

This is a trend across America.

It is the very opposite of where white Christianity is headed, at least in the Bible Belt, which is so full of hypocrisy that it could be a long-running comedy show if it didn’t lead to so much anguish and tragedy.

How powerful is the Black clergy movement…

Humor, Politics, and Political Satire

Since we can predict what he’ll say, this should be easy

Isn’t it great that the only people who will watch The Predator in Chief’s campaign speech tonight in front of North Carolina Republicans are North Carolina Republicans?

Ooops, he is losing his Pillow! Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

The rest of us don’t need to. We know how the speech will go. It will look something like this:

“Thanks for being here. It’s tremendous. A record-breaking crowd. It’s like the Super Bowl without the communists.”

(loud applause and cheering)

“How many people are here? A hundred thousand? Two? Of course, the left-wing media will send out doctored photos and videos saying only a few thousand are here, or maybe a few…

Restive Souls Shortie

Fiction for a Broken Country

When I went to sleep last night, everything was normal.

When I woke up, everything was different. Everything was Black. But not like, hip hop Black, really.

Just, well, Black. Black culture, everywhere. With lots of Native American culture mixed in. And people referred to Native Americans as First Settlers.

Maybe I should backtrack a little here. Because none of that was apparent to me until I had been awake for several hours.

Photo by Pam Sharpe on Unsplash

When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was. A nice little house but it wasn’t really mine. And yet, I had a sense that it…

Flash Fiction — The MagicLand Chronicles

The beings move at the speed of light, even when they are perfectly still.

Apparitions. Ghosts. Angels. Demons. All living among us, but nobody really sees them.

Until now.

The story of how I created an app that captures the images of these beings is one born out of an accident.

Image © 2021 by z-ifcom via Shutterstock, with modifications by the author

It happened during what some people call The Eradication.

Magic, the ultimate weapon of the resistance fighter, didn’t just start happening. At least, that’s not how I look at it.

When people began to download MagicAct and see real, live, images of angels and demons, a big segment of humanity began to tap into that part of our universe. It’s a part of…

Texas Politics

Allen West is running against Greg Abbott in a fight to be the biggest bottom feeder in Texas

For a brief period in recent Texas history, after Beto O’Rourke gave Ted Cruz a run for his money in the 2018 Texas Senate race, a few Republican Texas politicians thought they may want to tone down their QAnon rhetoric and start behaving like civilized people. Beto’s strong showing helped flip twelve Texas House seats. Things were beginning to look up for Texas Democrats.

That disappeared when Trump’s overwhelming popularity among white rural Texans during the 2020 elections flipped the Texas House firmly back to the red side. The 2020 election produced results that required red/blue map makers to redefine…


Ten Reasons We Don’t Want to Talk to Aliens

Usually, Nature magazine is a pretty decent publication.

For example, it’s a great place to visit when you want to learn about the science behind Covid-19. A lot better than, say, Facebook.

But this recent quote from a German scientist that we should consider building a megastructure was such an absurd reference from a quality scientific journal that I can only shake my head and point y’all to a bunch of YouTube videos explaining exactly why we should not be trying to get their attention:

“Perhaps, some say, humanity should plan ahead for when eyes from the TRAPPIST-1 system might…

Fiction — The MagicLand Chronicles

Welcome to our house, where you choose how to die

“It’s not another pandemic,” says Gareth as he winds a long, loose thread from the sleeve of his flannel shirt tightly around his wrist. This has the effect of creating a wrinkled plaid funnel aimed at his worn, black hand.

“Yeah, yeah,” says Button disbelievingly. That’s all we know about her. Her nickname. She’s wearing a shoulderless vest over a thin white top on a cold Minnesota day. Not much she does or says makes sense to any of us, but we all nod at this. Button’s arms are thick trunks of white steel.

Original image by By eking11 via Shutterstock. Title added by author.

She’s bigger than most men I’ve…

Fiction — The MagicLand Chronicles

Stories of a land of magic abound. But are they real?

The storms this year have been even worse than usual. This means, of course, that survival hinges more on luck than things like skill, or shelter, or even the ability to wage combat with bandits, thieves, and marauders.

It doesn’t help that the Gath relentlessly hunt those of us who are descendants of non-augmenters.

Maybe I’d like to be augmented. But it doesn’t matter. The days when regular humans could be augmented are long gone. Now, augmented humans are grown from scratch.

Eggs from a machine, wired and ready to go, fitted at birth through a combination of genomics and…


A rant aimed at 21st century (or is it 11th century?) Republicans

Dear wild-eyed, megalomaniacal, science-denying, child-hating, self-lampooning Republicans:

I don’t normally use profanity in my Medium stories. Or anywhere else in my writing, for that matter. In fact, I take great pride in the fact that my debut novel is a profanity-free zone.

But dammit all to hell, stop this shit already.

These people are crazy. Enough already.

Stop the cancel culture hypocrisy

You want cancel culture? Ask Liz Cheney about cancel culture:

Case closed.

As the esteemed anti-Trumpist Caren White has noted about the Cheney fiasco:

Trump has already handpicked her successor, Elise Stefanik, a Republican from upstate New York who until very recently disparaged…

Charles Bastille

Hyperbole enthusiast and author of the upcoming novel MagicLand. All stories © 2021 by Charles Bastille. Visit

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